Cheating At The (Fishing) Scales!

(From 10.08.22, Segment 1)

Anywhere and everywhere, anglers love a good fishing competition…as long as it is fair and the winning weigh-in-results are accurate. Recently, at a Lake Erie walleye fishing tournament taking place in Cleveland, Ohio, two anglers were accused of ‘tipping the scales’ of fairness after it was discovered that they had filled the stomachs of their fish with lead weights. “We’ve got weights in fish!” was the rallying cry.

At this tournament, as is custom, there was big prize money on the table. The pair of anglers had actually taken home a $150,000+ boat in 2021 (they sold the boat and split the money) and had amassed close to half-a-million dollars in other winnings. They’d been on a winning streak for over a year, which begs the question…was every tournament won with false weight? Listen in at the end of Segment 2 as the Carolina Outdoors Guys break down this wild story further and in more detail with Jesse Brown’s Outdoors’ Lead Fishing Guide, Dave Bergman!