Coastal Expeditions & Edible Mud

April 29th, 2023, Segment 3

There is a gem within both Carolinas with a biodiversity equal to none.  Captain Chris Crolley, CEO of Coastal Expeditions, has lead thousands of excited people on adventures throughout the estuary ecosystem in the low country of South Carolina for the past thirty plus years.  During that time he’s become one of the nations leading naturalists.

On this segment of the Carolina Outdoors, Captain Crolley, joins host, Bill Bartee to talk about the rivers, beaches, & wildlife within this area of the country, this spring.

Crolley doesn’t hesitate to educate our listeners about the art of living & being aware of the prothonotary Warbler.
We’ll learn what black water is & how it gets its name as it is born in the piedmont but changes its tinge as it heads into the coastal ecosystem.

His encouragement to get outside is contagious.  But, he reminds us of the right way to interact with wildlife & the wrong way to interact.  One way to do this is leave the motor behind and paddle.
During the interview you’ll hear Crolley spot a Painted Bunting.

Listen in as we talk about edible mud.  That’s right!  Plough mud is nutrient rich & appropriate to eat the biotic mud for enrichment.

The month of May brings the migration of the Loggerhead turtles. Crolley asks people not to bother turtles.

Donations to conservation for the South Carolina lowcountry can be made through Coastal Expeditions Foundation.

Check out there trips.
Bill Bartee, host of the Carolina Outdoors, is owner of Charlotte outfitter  & Charlotte fly shop, Jesse Brown’s.