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A lot to Talk About on the Carolina Outdoors

Segment 1, July 8th, 2024

Saddle up this pony called the Carolina Outdoors.  It’s powered by the mothership of the program, Jesse Brown’s Outdoors.  Head over there for your hiking, fly fishing, & travel needs this summer.
The upcoming segments will tackle the subjects of small, capacity backpacks, trekking poles, climbing Kilimanjaro, & the best bug spray to use.

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Coastal Expeditions & Edible Mud

April 29th, 2023, Segment 3

There is a gem within both Carolinas with a biodiversity equal to none.  Captain Chris Crolley, CEO of Coastal Expeditions, has lead thousands of excited people on adventures throughout the estuary ecosystem in the low country of South Carolina for the past thirty plus years.  During that time he’s become one of the nations leading naturalists.

On this segment of the Carolina Outdoors, Captain Crolley, joins host, Bill Bartee to talk about the rivers, beaches, & wildlife within this area of the country, this spring.

Crolley doesn’t hesitate to educate our listeners about the art of living & being aware of the prothonotary Warbler.
We’ll learn what black water is & how it gets its name as it is born in the piedmont but changes its tinge as it heads into the coastal ecosystem.

His encouragement to get outside is contagious.  But, he reminds us of the right way to interact with wildlife & the wrong way to interact.  One way to do this is leave the motor behind and paddle.
During the interview you’ll hear Crolley spot a Painted Bunting.

Listen in as we talk about edible mud.  That’s right!  Plough mud is nutrient rich & appropriate to eat the biotic mud for enrichment.

The month of May brings the migration of the Loggerhead turtles. Crolley asks people not to bother turtles.

Donations to conservation for the South Carolina lowcountry can be made through Coastal Expeditions Foundation.

Check out there trips.
Bill Bartee, host of the Carolina Outdoors, is owner of Charlotte outfitter  & Charlotte fly shop, Jesse Brown’s.



ReCap of this week’s program

April 29th, 2023, Segment 4

Bill Bartee reminds us that if we missed any of the Carolina Outdoors you can listen in at Jesse Brown’s .  Thank you to Captain Chris Crolley, CEO of Coastal Expeditions, & Dave Bergman, lead fly fishing guide & instructor at Jesse Brown’s, for joining the program.

Also, remember to make the Carolina Outdoors look better than you found it…& pick up your trash.

Thru-Hike on the Appalachian Trail

April 22nd, 2023, Segment 3

Pack-Man, Matt Long, hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2005.  This 2,198 mile foot path takes physical & mental discipline.  It also takes some logistics & preparation.  Long joins the Carolina Outdoors to share his knowledge on what people go through on this adventure.
If you have an interest in hiking the trail you can listen into this conversation about starting the hike, the time it takes, & why?
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Patagonia in Charlotte
Salomon hiking boots in Charlotte
Moondance outfitting in Charlotte

Charlotte Events for Outdoor People

April 15th, Segment 1, 4:07

Celebrating the outdoors this spring with a good start to turkey season, fishing is good, & the striper run has kicked off with success.  Most notably, the Roanoke River, outside Weldon, NC.

This segment we’ll talk about some upcoming events sponsored by an area Charlotte outdoor store & our sponsor, Jesse Brown’s.

April 21 – 23, 2023:  Charlotte flyshop will be on hand at Tuckfest at the Whitewater Center. The topics are fly casting, fly fishing trips, & our cool trucker hats. Plus, we’ll be representing some of our favorite brands like Five Fingers & Wingo Outdoors.

April 23, 2023:  Urban Hike 2023 This hike was postponed from an earlier scheduled hike on 3/12/23.
Join us with some comfortable hiking shoes in Charlotte & and some water.  We’ll travel 7.7 miles of city fun in Charlotte.  We’re meeting at Fairmeadows Swim club in the Southpark-area at 1 p.m.

April 27th, 2023: Storyteller’s Night at Jesse Brown’s from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Listen to our Charlotte adventurers preview their stories here.

May 1st, 2023:  Charlotte’s fly shop & Charlotte outdoor store, Jesse Brown’s, celebrates their 53rd year.
This sponsor of the Carolina Outdoors is Charlotte dealer of Free Fly, Patagonia in Charlotte, & Charlotte’s best selection of On Cloud Shoes, flyfishing trips, & more.

That Neat Hat with Helen S. Hossley

April 15, 2023, Segment 2, 17:42

On this segment of the Carolina Outdoors, we learn about Helen S. Hossley‘s background growing up in a small New York town dreaming of adventure & travel.  In 1988, she dropped everything & took off with her friend to travel & ski across the Rocky Mountains.  After seven months, she learned she was hired as an interpretive National Park Ranger.
Along the way, there were personal challenges, wild twists, & unending fun.  Also, there was the final question of her interview, “But Do I Get to Wear That Neat Hat?”  This became the title of the book that was inspired by her time in the National Park Service (NPS).

During this chat, sponsored by Storyteller’s Night at Jesse Brown’s, she describes the discovery that wearing the heat doesn’t immediately give you super powers or abilities.  In fact, she found that you must practice & hone your skills while in challenging circumstances.

We’ll hear about those challenges.  Dehydration, fatigue, & working through the “rules of the desert” while discovering herself & celebrating personal triumph.

Helen S. Hossley presents her story “That Neat Hat” on April 27th, 2023, at Jesse Brown’s Outdoors, at 6 p.m.


By Pedro Szekely from Los Angeles, USA - New York, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=82962431

Rise from Collapse with Russ Van Buren

April 15th, Segment 3, 19:50

Almost everyone on the planet over the age of thirty remembers where they were on September 11, 2001.  The day that a horrific terror attack took the lives of over 3,000 people at the World Trade Center (as well as, Pennsylvania & Washington, D.C.)

Russ Van Buren remembers.  Here with Carolina Outdoor host, Bill Bartee, he previews his story of that beautiful, September morning, that became tragic.  He describes his witness to the attack & had an upfront seat to the collapse of the towers.
Powerless, helpless, & hopeless are the emotions that we all felt that day. Van Buren even more so.  He tells his story of repressed memories & emotional scarring while on the search for insight, wisdom, & healing.
In fact, the day that he went to have his car serviced & unexpectedly poured his soul out to uninterested strangers.  However, he found that others that had eavesdropped were profoundly affected enough for a hug. He’ll speak on what he discovers about himself & others regarding honesty, kindness, & the compassion of others.

Jesse Brown’s Outdoors is excited to welcome Russ Van Buren to the Storyteller’s Stage.  His story is an example that sometimes our adventures are not chosen by us.  “Rise from Collapse” begins in tragedy but Russ helps lead us all to a place of love & healing.

Dangerous Things in Outdoors (but we lived)

Segment 1, April 8, 2023

The Carolina Outdoors with host Bill Bartee & producer TJ, bring in the Facebook Live crowd with Jesse Brown’s.  What’s something dangerous that you did but no one was “really” hurt.

Tyler, a high school senior, painted graffiti on the Water Tower in Waxhaw, NC.  He turned himself in & only received a citation.  The danger is the height of the tower and reminded Bill & TJ of dangerous things they’ve done.  (TJ threw his back out playing disc golf) & Bill got lost in the park.

Enjoy the program.  Brought to us by Charlotte Patagonia dealer, Jesse Brown’s.  The Charlotte fly shop.

Recapture, A Photographer’s Quest to Recover Memories

(From 02.26.22, Segment 3)

Laurie Martin continues her conversation with the Outdoor Guys from Jesse Brown’s.  Wes Lawson & Bill Bartee delve into her love of photography & her relationship with film producer, Megan Paterwich & director, David Kernodle.  Their collaboration together, with Spiracle Films brings us the short film, Recapture.

The film debut is taking place on March 8th at Jesse Brown’s.  The event, from 5:30–7:30 will feature Martin, along with Kernodle & Paterwich, that speak on the film & answer questions regarding its creation. You are invited.

SPIRACLE FILMS takes you behind the scenes of landscape photographer, Laurie R. Martin, as she travels to Asheville, NC and Yellowstone National Park. Follow along on her artistic journey of capturing natural, raw scenes to create original compositions that fill a wall and bring viewers into the moment

Joins us for the launch of the RECAPTURE Film

Meet the photographer, director, and executive producer

Enjoy tasty beverages from Great Wagon Road Distilling Company

Access to VIP shopping experience and giveaways

Visit www.jessebrowns.com for the gear you will need to prepare for your own adventure.

Ocean Drive Beach Report w/ Mike Haney

(From the 5.29.2021, Segment 2)

Mike Haney calls into the Carolina Outdoors to share his 2021 insight on the South Carolina beaches.  His go-to beach hang out is the new “Ocean Drive (OD)” in North Myrtle Beach, SC, & it is a busy place this weekend.

Atlantic Beach Bike Week has been cancelled but hundreds of bikers are still heading that way.
You can still enjoy the June 3rd kick-off of “Music on Main” that occurs 7-9 p.m., every Thursday.

Check out Mike Haney’s invention, Mike’s Spike, that helps keep your umbrella secure and safe from the wind & his added table.  Get your Mike’s Spike and Table at Jesse Brown’s.

Learn about the limits on umbrellas at the beach. Music, Sand, Sun & good food are all to-be-counted on this summer at the beach.