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Prepare for a Hike & some Raptors

Segment 1, November 4th, 2023

The Carolina Outdoor program starts up this week’s show.  Topics are a hike gone wrong & the Carolina Raptor Center.

Note:  If you’re going for a hike remember to take, navigation, sun protection, insulation, illumination, first aid, fire, repair tools, nutrition, hydration, emergency shelter.


Carolina Raptor Center Flies onto the Show with CEO Erin Katzner

Segment 3, November 4th, 2023

One of the best parts of being outdoors is being able to wildlife watch.  Birds are the most popular animal to view & the raptor being the most captivating & inspiring.

This of the fishing of an osprey, the soaring of an eagle, the hunting eye of a hawk, or the wisdom of an owl.  All of those birds of prey are able to be seen in the wild of the Carolinas.

However there is also the Carolina Raptor Center located at the Latta Nature Preserve in Huntersville, NC.  Host Bill Bartee of the Carolina Outdoors was able to catch up with CEO & President of the Carolina Raptor Center, Erin Katzner, to learn more about this nationally recognized facility.

Things You’ll Learn by Listening:

Show Highlights:

  • Home to one of the best research facilities & a rehabilitation center on-site that helps almost 1,000 birds a year.  Nearly 70% are able to be released back into the wild.

  • Over 27,000 students of all ages, visit the CRC each year to learn about Raptors, science, & ecology. 

  • Research of raptors including partnerships with colleges and universities. 

  • Currently a research and test of an avian influenza vaccine for California Condors featuring a group of similar birds, the Black Vulture.

  • There is the Raptor Trail that is a 3/4 mile trail where you can see the birds.

  • The largest species of birds in the Carolinas & the highest number that come into the CRC

  • The difference of Katzner’s previous stops versus the CRC

More Insights from the Outdoor Guys: 

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November 4th, 2023, Segment 4

Click here for more information on the Carolina Raptor Center & events and opportunities that they have happening.

Special thanks to Erin Katzner from the Carolina Raptor Center for joining us on the Carolina Outdoors.

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