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Delayed Harvest Trout Waters in North Carolina with Jake Rash

Segment 2, October 14th, 2023

Early October brings trout stockings to the waters of North Carolina.  It also delays the harvest of trout in thirty-four different lakes and streams in western North Carolina.

Jake Rash is the Coldwater Research Coordinator for the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.  He joins the Carolina Outdoors to talk about these waters & his job of coordinating the resource management of our trout fisheries.

Rash reports:
-The Delayed Harvest program began with four streams in the early 1990s and has become wildly popular
-You cannot keep the fish caught in October through the first Saturday in June.  During the summer you can keep your limit.
-The stocking schedule for these streams. Stocking Schedule for Delayed Harvest in North Carolina
-More people fishing can provided stress to certain resources.  The DH waters help spread out the trout anglers
-The designation is shown by black and white triangles posted.
-An Inland License is required by the state of NC.

Per the NCWRC, while fishing, anglers are urged to help prevent the spread of aquatic nuisance species like gill lice, whirling disease and didymo, by following these minimal steps:

  • Clean equipment of all aquatic plants, animals and mud.
  • Dry equipment thoroughly.
  • Never move fish, plants or other organisms from one body of water to another.


Fly Fishing the Delayed Harvest Waters of NC with Elijah Saint Blancard

Segment 3, October 7th, 2023

Let’s go fly fishing!  Since the 1970s, Fly Fishing has been an important part of the business at Jesse Brown’s.  A new contributor to the Carolina Outdoors, Elijah Saint Blancard, is the head fly fishing guide & lead instructor at Charlotte’s local outdoor store, Jesse Brown’s.  His start was at age twelve in Pennsylvania.  His teacher was the famed Joe Humphreys at Penn State University.

During this conversation, we’ll learn about Elijah’s background & fishing the streams of Central Pennsylvania.  He speaks on his time being trained as a fly fishing guide at World Cast Anglers in Victor, ID, & the fly fishing trips in North Carolina.

His passion is teaching the sport of fly fishing & whether it’s a 9 foot 5 weight Sage fly rod or a 7 foot 2 weight Winston fly rod he can help you learn the sport properly.




Delayed Harvest Waters & Summer Weather Predictions

Segment 1, May 27, 2023

The Carolina Outdoors, powered by the Charlotte outdoor store, Jesse Brown’s, begins with a busy time in late spring. We are getting towards the end of delayed harvest season.  This program began in the early 1990’s to help promote trout fishing in NC.

The program stocked streams for catch & release fishing from October 1st to the 1st Saturday in June.  The reason the harvest starts in June is because the water in these streams warms too much for trout survival.  Therefore anglers are allowed to keep the fish in June, July, August, & September.

Speaking of warmth, there is meterologist news on the Carolina Outdoors.

Here’s what experts are predicting for this summer’s weather across the US, as Matthew Cappucci writes for The Washington Post:”

“The predictions come from the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, but they’re echoed by AccuWeather. Weather.com, meanwhile, is hewing toward a cooler than average start to the summer for the southern U.S., taking a more aggressive stance on the role that a burgeoning El Niño pattern will play.

Overall, a few highlights stood out between the three outlooks:

Chilly water temperatures off the Pacific Coast and soggy soils in California may delay the arrival of brutal heat for the West Coast

The Pacific Northwest is looking hotter and drier than normal

The Plains and perhaps Midwest will see the eventual emergence of above-average temperatures

The jury is out for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, where the varying forecast enterprises have differing opinions

Cooler weather is likely over the southern United States for June due to the position of key weather systems influenced by a budding El Niño

Host Bill Bartee & Producer TJ Boggs think that the weather thus far in spring 2023 matches the weather.com prediction:  “Weather.com believes that the southern U.S. will see a cooler start to summer. The National Weather Service agrees that the start of summer will be cool & the second half of summer will feature heat that will compensate.”

The fly shop in Charlotte, Jesse Brown’s, has a fantastic selection of sun protection clothing to keep you cool and sun-protected.

Fly Fishing the Delayed Harvest streams with Dave Bergman

April 29th, 2023, Segment 2

In the early 1990s, North Carolina began the Delayed Harvest program in the western part of the state.  It opened up the streams available to fish for trout.  Trout require cold water due to their gill system & its ability to create oxygen.

Dave Bergman, Lead Fly Fishing Guide & Instructor, at Jesse Brown’s, knows this.  His knowledge has helped hundreds of people learn the sport of fly fishing.

Bergman shares with the listeners of the Carolina Outdoors why this time of year is so good.  May’s warming air temperatures, warm the water temperatures, & enliven the insect activity.  Also, the state stocks the streams & the requirement of catch & release until the first Saturday of June, helps build confidence for people fly fishing.

Learn the biggest challenge for new anglers, along with the different types of new anglers.  We’ll learn about the growth and success of ladies joining the sport & the biggest & smallest fish caught on a fly fishing trip with Jesse Brown’s.

Trips available for booking now.  Pick a date and contact us at jesse@jessebrowns.com or call 704.556.0020

Fly-Fishing The East Fork Of The French Broad River

(From 1.28.23, Segment 2)

A few months ago, Wes Lawson had clients on the East Fork of the French Broad River.  This multiple stream near Rosman, NC, has gone from a secret stream for locals to one of the state’s most popular delayed harvest streams.  Over 17,000 trout are stocked into this creek that flows just east of Pisgah National Forest.  This segment of the show has Wes giving Bill advice for an upcoming trip.  Remember this is western NC in winter.  Find out what Wes says about a fly fishing trip when it is cold.