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Sandals for Summer

(From the 5/22/21 Program, Segment 2)

Listen to the Carolina Outdoors via Podcast or early on a Saturday morning via WBT.

The Outdoor Guys from Jesse Brown’s speak to Griffin Gideon, representative from Olukai Footwear, talks about the year ’round wearing of sandals & the temperature that impacts others into wearing them more.

Plus, sandals & flip flops, have a wellness component with more support & comfort, these days.  Also, what sandals are good for land and which are better for being around water.

about the time of year that kicks in wearing flip flops and sandals.  He also speaks on the wearing of flip flops year round, even when it is cooler.

Olukai is one of the hottest brands in casual and sport sandals.  They are pushing some summer camp brands such as Chaco & Teva sandals for demand this summer.

If you’re shopping online, check out Jesse Brown’s Online or the Brick and Mortar in Charlotte.